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Steven D. Morad

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I'm a Ph.D. student working on vision and autonomy in the Prorok Lab at The University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the Toshiba Cambridge Research Lab. I completed my master's in aerospace engineering in the Space and Terrestrial Robotic Exploration lab at the University of Arizona. I previously worked on large, distributed software systems at Facebook where I focused on fault tolerance, reliability, and performance. My current research focus is on partially observable reinforcement learning. In other words, I'm interested in using long-term memory to produce more capable robots that reason better under uncertainty.

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Generalized embodied navigation models, trained on ground robots that seamlessly transfer to aerial robots

The spinning projectile extreme environment robot. A precessing, spin-stabilized exhaust nozzle serves two purposes: to keep the nozzle oriented without any onboard actuators (e.g. reaction wheels), and to modulate the net impulse of solid-fuel rocket motors.
NASA IceWorm climbing in Mt. St. Helens fumarolic ice caves

(Left) SLAM in a lunar lava tube. (Right) A DIY ion thruster based on the NASA DAWN satellite